onsdag 16. september 2015

Cool for the summer-CDO-Anna Liwanag and MY FB GROUP-SNAGGABLE TAGS

I have made a  animated tag with the beautiful Monday mask
(I used nr 29)  made by Squirrely. I found it because of masks challenges we run at the  forum I am proud to be a part of.

Thank you for sharing Squirrely .
You can find the great mask in her blog:

Monday mask

don't forget to say thanks.
I have used Christy's FTU cluster"Cool for the summer"

So beautiful FTU Cluster , you can find it  in her blog ,

Christy F. FTU CLUSTER-Cool for the summer

I also use a ptu Package 77- animation nr 229-from  Simone at CDO


She also have a blog, with lots of free animations, please
go and check it out :

Scrappy Bit Of Fun-by Simone

The tube I have used it's from Anna Liwanag , tube nr " 77-1 "can be purchased at  CDO ,
for the tube
Anna Liwanag-77-1


To Anna Liwang

To Simone

To Squirrely

To Christy

I have this tag and newer ones as snaggables(not animated ) on my FB group:
"SNAGGABLE TAGS."please join, you only have to snag and say thanks

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