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PTU-Peaceful Easter

Peaceful Easter tag by Betsy E to Kit maker Aurélie

PTU-Peaceful Easter

Written March 4th-2016

This tutorials is meant as a guide, feel free to make it your own way.
Any resemblance to any other tutorial or tag is purely coincidental.

Supplied used : 
Paint shop pro. I use an old version , psp 9

I used the tube Sandra by
(enter on the artist names for this tube )

 © Fiodorova_Maria
The store  :

Don't use it without a proper license .

Easter Bunny kit by Purple Dreams Scraps ( by Aurélie ) which can also be purchased at
The kit
Her blog

I have used 2 different Mask 5  and 6 by Ria , can be downloaded on her page ;

Plugins : Alien Skin Eyecandy Impact 5 .
Can be downloaded from HERE
I have used drop shadow V 4 H 4  , 30, 5
(I didn't add Dr Sh.  on  the star dust :
el.35 or on the masks )
I have used a pay font , but of course you can use another font if you wish , but here is 
Oh Lara

Abbreviations I use : * = Drop shadow . *Pr = Percecnt.  *el. =element from the kit.Remember to save often and name your layers , so you can easy see what element you working on.
Here we go :
File, new image 700 x 700
Select all , add a new raster layer ,
Open paper 02 -pink , paste it into the selection , selection none.

Apply Ria's mask 5 , merge group.
Resize to 65 pr. move it to the top right , go to effects, texture effects, blinds , with these settings :

Go to effects again, but this time , Mosaic-Antique, with these settings :
Screen shot texture-Mosaic-Anticue.png

Go to effects again , Egde effects - Enhance .
Go to Image :  and Duplicate and mirror this ,  than duplicate again and flip , than duplicate again and mirror . Make sure none of these go outsite of your image, just drag it a bit in place if they do.
I didn't merged these layers until I was finish with the tag, than I could easy adust them .

Add a new layer, select all,  open the el.23 -grass, paste into the selection , Selection none.
I know it looks a bit strange now, don't worry , it will be nice as a mask  background  :) Apply Ria's mask 6 , merge group.
Resize 50 pr. move it down and on the left site, duplicate it and mirror , duplicate again and flip, duplicate again and mirror, you have now 4 layers with pink small masks and 4 small grass masks , I didn't merged theses together before after I was finish with the tag, but your choice .
Open el.28 - frame 

Add as a new layer , use your magic wand , click into the frame , go to Selection Modify Expand 10 , add a new layer , paste the paper 01 into the selection, selection none, move the paper below the frame. If you use the tube I used, than you need to add this as a new layer , resize 65 pr and mirror it, when it looks nice, still stay on the 01 paper layer bellow the frame, selection  , select all , float , defloat, stay on the tube in the frame layer, select invert , hit the delete button on your keyboard.Duplicate this tube layer, go to Adjust blur, gaussian blur  7, change the blend mode in the layer to screen.
Remember to save often and add dr. sh. on each elements, except the ones I mentioned above.
Add el,10 pink ribbon as a new layer , mirror it , resize 65 pr. and move over the right on the  edge of the frame .
Add el. 27 flower  as a new layer , add it on top of the pink ribbon.
Add el.31 as a new layer, mirror and resize 65 pr. move it down on the edge of the frame on the right .
Than I used el.05 blue ribbon , resize 65 it in touch of the el.31 but a bit more to the left of this.
el. 26 resize 40 pr. mirror , do the same, in touch of the blue ribbon but a bit more to the left.
el. 33- egg,  resize 65 pr. twice , move down on the left , on the edge of the frame .
el.13 paste it as a new layer resize to 65 pr. place  in touch of the egg, but a little below.
el.08 resize 65 pr.move it down in the edge of the middle of the  frame.
el.33 egg, resize 65 pr. and rotate it 90 right, move it down on the left , just let the mask show below it.
el. 04 resize 65 pr. place it on top of the edge of the frame .

el. 22 resize 65 pr. twice , place it on to of el.04.
Add the tube , I resized mine to 25 pr. place her on the rotated egg .

el. 01 mirror  it  , resize 40 pr.and place it on the pink ribbon on the right .
el.20 , mirror and resize 35 pr. move it down and place it on top of the el.08 .
el.05 blue ribbon resize 65 pr. twice and rotate it 45 left, place it on top of the bell with wings.Check if you have add on all elements and main tube .
X-out/Close your 8 masks layers , stay on the top layer, Merge Visible.
Add el.35 star dust , paste as a new layer on top , duplicate it and flip , merge down.
Stil stay on the merged star dust layer ,
use your  freehand selection  , drag around the face of the tube
(or other places you don't want the star dust on ) , go edit and cut. If you happy with elements, tube and masks placements ,
you can merge all layers together, 

Add copyright and merge down, 
Add you name , for my font I use stroke 1,5 , size 75
foreground and background color #3bb8cf
Convert to raster layer.
3D Innerbevel with these settings :
Go to effects, plugin 

Alien skin Eyecandy Imapact 5 gradient glow,

These settings :Screen shot Plugin eyecandy 5 impact gradient glpw.png

Right click on your layer and copy merged and paste in your workspace as a new layer , save your tag as a png.

Now your done,Thanks for trying my tut, hope you liked it.

Any questions , please just email me
or add your question in the comment .

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